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1977 Civilation and Self-Consciousness
May 3 Civilization and Self-Consciousness
May 10 Multiple Allegiances and World Citizenship
May 17 Classical and Contemporary Stoicism
May 24 Models of World Civilization

1978 Culture and Individuality 
March 6 Classical Conceptions of the Self
March 13 Individuation in Contemporary Psychology
March 20 Social Conformity and Contemporary Rebellion
March 27 Culture and Individuality

1979 The Human Life Cycle
May 7 The Four Ashramas: The Hindu Pattern
May 14 The Five Relationships: Confucius and Lao-Tzu
May 21 The Seven Ages of Man: Shakespearean Sketches
June 4 Self-Actualization: Contemporary Models

1980 Optimism and Pessimism 
April 7 Chinese Philosophy
April 14 Greek Literature
April 21 Modern Pessimism: Schopenhauer
April 28 American Optimism: Utopianism and Futurology