Institute of World Culture

Theme for 2020
The Quest for a Harmonious and Regenertaive World Culture:
From the Transactional to the Transformative

All the aims in the Declaration of Interdependence recognize the possibility of an emerging world culture, but what is a world culture? How can harmony and regeneration be part of its development? A world culture is different than the collection of interactions around the world that show merely interdependence and global impact. A culture expresses and reflects shared values, ethical principles and behavior that serve humanity and all of nature as well. Is there, for example, a shared value emerging globally on the need to fundamentally transform our view of nature in order to respond effectively to climate change with specific policies? Other examples of an emerging world culture are arising from the creativity of people from all over the world who are sharing their vision, their knowledge and their global innovations in science, technology, non-violent conflict resolution, economic development, health care, education and the arts such as music, literature, and drama.

Program for 2020

Looking Foward to the New Year

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Saturday, January 11, 2020
3:00 – 5:00 pm
Concord Hall, 1407 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara

In a cordial and constructive way, Institute members are invited to gather for discussion of our theme and programs for 2020 in relation to the currents of hope and progress around the world. So, bring your creative thinking, questions and suggestions about our theme, The Quest for a Harmonious and Regenerative World Culture: from the Transactional to the Transformative. Time for fellowship and tasty treats will be part of this gathering.

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Film and Discussion
Gandhi's Gift
Master of NonViolence

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Saturday, January 25, 2020
7:00 – 9:00 pm
Concord Hall, 1407 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara

Gandhi's Gift shows the Master of Nonviolence near the end of his life, on the brink of attaining his lifelong goal of freedom from the British but with his heart breaking by the partition of India and the terrible communal violence that is killing untold thousands, perhaps a million or more. Having led masses in nonviolent marches, Gandhi now walks alone for unity and peace.

This film is the first major documentary about Gandhi made in the U.S. It was filmed on location in India, South Africa, and the UK at all the important sites in Gandhi's life. Historians and witnesses who actually grew up in the Mahatma's presence tell his story. Featured commentator, Dr. Rajmohan Gandhi, is both an historian and grandson with vivid memories of his grandfather's final days. Other expert commentators are Gandhians and authors Dr. Vandana Shiva and James Douglass. Inspiring details of Gandhi's life and thinking, known only by scholars until recently, are part of the commentary. The story of Gandhi is as relevant today as it was when he walked the earth, and introduces audiences in the 21st century to Gandhi's timeless message of nonviolence and interfaith harmony.
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