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Essays on World Culture


“Culture, the acquainting ourselves with the best that has been
known and said in the world, and thus with the history of the human spirit.”

Matthew Arnold (1822–1888), British poet, critic

                    Literature and Dogma, (preface, 1873)                                      

    Table of Contents
May 2012   The Rise and Fall of Civilization
July 2012   Civil Religion and a Republic of Conscience
August 2012   Developing Human Potential in a Civil Society
October 2012   Universal Values
January 2011   The New Learning
February 2011   The New Learning Revisited
February 2011   Truth at Hand
March 2011   The Revolutionary Possibilities of Socratic Education
April 2011   Revolutionary Citizenship in an Emerging Cosmopolis
May 2011   A Universal Education
June 2011   How Indian Spirituality Changed the West
August 2011   Remembering the Past to Transform the Present
September 2011   The Empathic Civilization
October 2011   Means and Ends
November 2011   The Wild Tapestry
December 2011   Imagination in Education
January 2010
  Reflections on Pioneers of World Culture
February 2010   Gandhi's Path to Tolerance
March 2010
  Stones into Schools: Greg Mortenson
April 2010   Going to the End of the Road
May 2010   Global Soul
June 2010   The Fruits of Creative Insight: I. M. Pei
July 2010   A Pioneer of Wonder: Remembering Frank Kelly
August 2010   Living Lives of Gandhian Activism
September 2010   Responsibilities within a Global Society
October 2010
  In Defense of Liberty and Justice
November 2010
  J. Craig Ventor, Genomic Explorer
December 2010   A Vision of Leadership in an Emerging World Culture
January 2009   Spiritual Values in a World Culture by Carolyn Dorrance
January 2009   The Promise of a Fresh Beginning by Carolyn Dorrance
February 2009   Reflections on the Hands-on Gandhian Retreat by Renée Tillotson
March 2009
Inspiration and Originality by Lewis Carroll
April 2009
Chivalry by George William Russell (A.E.)
May 2009
Reflections on the Messages of the Dalai Lama by Russ and Gerry Lewin
June 2009
Emerson on Circles by Joseph Miller
July 2009
Religious Freedom in a Republic of Conscience by Carolyn Dorrance
August 2009
Impressionism: a Turning Point by Joyce Johnson
September 2009
Music of the Wild by Gerry Lewin
October 2009
  The Need for Global Vision in an Era of Modernity by Marshall G. S. Hodgson
November 2009
  The New Theory of Science by Ernst Mayr
December 2009
  Exerpts from Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Musings on Spiritual Striving by Editor
January 2008   Imaginative Use of Spiritual, Mental and Material Resources by Carolyn Dorrance
February 2008   Turning the World Upside Down: Muhammad Ynus by Carolyn Dorrance
March 2008   Why Shakespeare? by Renée Tillotson
April 2008
Thinking Locally, Acting Globally by Carolyn Dorrance
June 2008   Honoring Tradition by Carolyn Dorrance
July 2008
A Community of Truth by Phil Grant
September 2008   Sustainable Urbanism and the Future of Santa Barbara by Kirk Gradin
October 2008
Satya and Ahimsa by Raghavan Iyer
December 2008
Environmentalists Must Also Undertake a Paradigm Shift by Wolfgang Sachs (edited by Philip Grant)
April 2007
Sacred Observances by Carolyn Dorrance
May 2007
Daring to be Different by Carolyn Dorrance
July 2007
What is World Culture? by Carolyn Dorrance
September 2007
Finding Courage by Carolyn Dorrance
October 2007   Musings on Deep Democracy by Maurice Bisheff
October 2007   Gandhi's Message of Peace by Gerry Lewin
November 2007   Transforming Environmental Policy: Carl Pope Speaks at IWC by Joseph Miller & Kirk Gradin
December 2007
Transformation by Carolyn Dorrance